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Kurt Karst is presenting at the FDA Boot Camp
May 9-11, 2016

Now in its 27th iteration, FDA Boot Camp is the premier event that will provide you with the ultimate roadmap to the complicated landscape of FDA regulatory law

NEW 2016 AGENDA.This year’s FDA Boot Camp has been reworked to provide you not only with the essential background in FDA regulatory law to help you in your practice, but also key sessions that show you how this regulatory knowledge can be applied to situations you encounter in real life. Highlights of this year’s program include the “Ripped from the Headlines” session that will update you on the key developments in the FDA regulatory bar, and the interactive Post-Conference Case Study Working Groups.

ACI’s FDA Boot Camp has been designed by leading regulatory attorneys to give professionals that work in conjunction with the pharmaceutical, biologics, and medical devices industries — such as products or patent litigators, as well as patent prosecutors, industry in-house counsel, and life sciences investment and securities experts — a strong working knowledge of core FDA competencies.

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