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Jay Cormier is speaking at ACI Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Animal Health, Veterinary Medicines and Therapeutics
September 13-15, 2016

The Animal Health industry is a formidable multibillion dollar industry responsible not only for animal drugs, biologics and therapeutics, but also for animal foods and feeds. Recent changes in the laws governing animal drug and food laws as well as scientific advancements have served to make an already complicated regulatory structure all the more so. We are now in an era in which industry main stays such as antibiotics usage and feed processing are under stricter controls. Continuing dilemmas over controversial matters such as animal drug compounding and biological development still abound. New concerns such as transgenic animals, non-economic damages for animal loss, prescription pet portability and FSMA compliance add to a never-ending list of challenges.

To help you make sense of the changes in the legal and regulatory animal health landscape, American Conference Institute (ACI) is pleased to present its second annual Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Animal Health: Veterinary Drugs, Therapeutics, and Animal Food. This unique, one of a kind event is designed for lawyers and regulatory executives who work for the animal health industry. ACI has expanded this year’s event to include coverage of animal foods and feeds in addition to drugs and medicines. This conference will provide you with state of the union updates in addition to in-depth discussions on some of the industry’s most perplexing challenges.

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