Kurt Karst is presenting at the Drug Information Association: Annual Meeting


June 14, 2015

The DIA 2015 51st Annual Meeting is the largest multidisciplinary event that brings together a community of life sciences professionals at all levels and across all disciplines come together each June all with a common goal to foster innovation that will lead to the development of safe and effective medical products and therapies to patients.

DIA 2015 51st Annual Meeting will:

• Provide a global unbiased platform to raise the level of discussion to facilitate innovation that will change the future of health care

• Provide comprehensive coverage of the full development and life cycle management of process for all health care products

&ull; Offer a holistic and integrated approach to the development life cycle management of regulated health care products

DIA 2015 51st Annual Meeting provides the best opportunity to meet with people from around the world, share your views and knowledge, network, and build new relationships.

See more at: http://www.diahome.org/en-US/Flagship-Meetings/DIA-Annual-Meeting.aspx#sthash.LCRrLjMC.dpuf