HPM presents a webinar on Garbage Runs, Fake Identities, and Surprise Home Visits Strategies to Deal With FDA&#39s Nontraditional Investigative Tools


June 20, 2012

12:30 – 2:00 p.m. ET

This webinar will feature HPM attorneys Doug Farquhar, John Fleder, and Anne Walsh, who bring the full perspective of experience in government enforcement, including a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, the former Director of DOJ’s Office of Consumer Litigation, and a former Associate Chief Counsel at FDA. They will:

  • Share insights from their experiences in the government;
  • Describe trends on government enforcement efforts using these investigative techniques;
  • Analyze publicly disclosed cases;
  • Provide strategies for preparing your company before the government even begins its scrutiny, and responding when the government arrives;
  • Answer participants’ questions during the webinar.

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