Navigating regulatory pathways

Colors and colorants are often the unsung hero of product components.  The right product color can evoke an emotional connection with a consumer or can give a consumer the peace of mind knowing that the product they are about to use is the right product at the right time.  Colors build brands and help protect patients.

Because humans and animals consume these colors in the form of foods and drugs, and come into contact with colors in medical devices and cosmetics and with colorants in food packaging, it is no surprise that FDA has a keen interest in ensuring that these product components pose no safety issues for the public.

Our attorneys have helped manufacturers and users of colors and colorants navigate the FDA regulatory pathways so that they can expand the pallet of colors available to the drug, device, food, and cosmetic industries.

Specifically, we can:

  • Devise strategies for introduction of novel color additives and colorants
  • Assist with preparation of Color Additive Petitions
  • Submit Food Contact Notifications
  • Advise on new uses of current color additives and colorants