Historically, individuals and companies that produce meat and poultry products for human consumption have been under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  However, the division of jurisdiction between FDA and FSIS has become less clear in recent years.  Furthermore, the emergence of new methods of producing meat and poultry muscle tissues that are not derived directly from animals may present a particular challenge for FDA and FSIS.  Regardless of the method of production, HPM attorneys can help you navigate the regulatory paths to market for innovative as well as traditional products and ingredients.


HPM attorneys have the necessary expertise and experience to assist companies with a wide variety of topics related to the marketing of meat and poultry products, including jurisdictional issues (is the food subject to FSIS or to FDA jurisdiction?), FDA and FSIS enforcement authorities, food safety requirements, suitability determinations for new ingredients, applicability of standards of identity, review of labeling and advertising, due diligence reviews, and imports.

Representative Projects

  • Assisted client with development of novel ingredient for use in meat and poultry
  • Provided client with opinion regarding labeling of ingredient for use in an FSIS regulated product
  • Counseled client on jurisdictional determination
  • Assisted client in recall of meat product
  • Advised client regarding applicability of FSMA requirements to FSIS regulated products


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