HPM’s attorneys frequently assist companies in transactions of all sizes across all of our practice areas, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Partnering transactions;
  • Licensing arrangements;
  • Financings, including IPOs and follow-on offerings; and
  • Supply, distribution, and manufacturing agreements.

Attorneys with extensive subject matter expertise are adept at providing support to clients engaged in such transactions by conducting diligence on the regulatory status of assets or targets across all of our practice areas.  For example, in the case of drugs and biological products, HPM attorneys are uniquely positioned to conduct diligence on clinical development programs and advise clients on the chances for approval, restrictions in labeling, or restrictions on marketing, such as REMS.  Across all practice areas, HPM attorneys can also evaluate compliance and other regulatory risks.  HPM attorneys can also provide valuable insight into transaction documents and public disclosures.


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